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Default 2008 Bobcat 2300 4x4

OK, let's play a game of word association. We'll say a couple of words and you say the first thing that comes to mind. Here goes: skid-steer loader. You probably said Bobcat. Good. Try this one: utility 4x4 vehicle. You probably didn't say Bobcat, did you? Well, you should have, because the same company that developed the first true skid-steer loader in 1960 is now earning quite a name for themselves by creating a line of rugged, work-ready utility vehicles, and one of the coolest in their lineup is the 2300 4x4.

It's powered by a water-cooled 20hp three-cylinder diesel engine that rests in an exclusive aircraft-grade aluminum frame that is rustproof, strong, and durable. The engine is bolted to a deep-ratio, continuously variable transmission that provides high torque and travel at speeds up to 25 mph. The rig features what Bobcat calls the IntelliTrak drive system. Basically, this is an automatic system that locks the front differential when the system senses rear-wheel slippage. Hence, there is no 4WD selector switch on the 2300-all you do is point and shoot.

The 2300 features rack-and-pinion steering and this offers a short turning radius and quick turning ratio. It works in tandem with a double A-arm coilover front suspension and a coilover swing-arm rear suspension to create a rig that is easy to drive with outstanding ride quality. Speaking of driving, the operator area provides industry-leading legroom, a tilt steering wheel, adjustable driver seat, extra storage spaces, cup holders, and a 12-volt power adapter on the dash.

Tilt-steering, an adjustable driver seat, 12-volt power adapter, and cupholders are standard. It also has a large glovebox and various other open compartments for storage. A speedometer is optional.

The Bobcat name is synonymous with hard working machines, so naturally this is where the 2300 excels. It features the RapidLink attachment system which is compatible with five available attachments: bucket, mower, pallet fork, snow blade, and whisker pushbroom. The RapidLink attachment arm lifts loads up to 500 pounds to a height of 2 feet. Another cool thing is that users can operate and change attachments from the driver seat with an easy-to-use joystick control that is an industry exclusive. The operator only has to leave his seat to lock or unlock the attachment. The 2300 also has a power cargo dumpbox with an 800-pound bed load capacity as well as a rear-mounted 2-inch receiver hitch for pulling trailers or implements.

Naturally, the 2300 4x4 comes with a long line of optional accessories like skidplates, winch, cargo-bed toolbox, nerf bars, bed mat, cab enclosure, and many more drool-inspiring items.

Clearly, the folks at Bobcat put a lot of thought and effort into the 2300 4x4. Looks like we should ask them to start building trucks.


Vehicle model: '08 Bobcat 2300 4x4
Base price: $15,300
Colors: White, other colors available through Club Car Custom Solutions

Type: Three-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel
Displacement (cc): 719
Bore x stroke (mm): N/A
Compression ratio: N/A
Fuel delivery system: EFI
Starter: Electric

Transmission: CVT
Final: drive Shaft

Front: Fully independent double A-arm with coilover shock
Rear: Coilover shock and swing arm with solid rear axle

Front: Dual hydraulic disc
Rear: Dual hydraulic disc

Front: 25x10.50-12 NHS
Rear: 25x10.50-12 NHS

Weight (lb): 1,475
Ground clearance (in): 7.4 (under differential)
Length (in): 142
Width (in): 60
Height (in): 78.6
Wheelbase (in): 88
Fuel capacity (gal): 6.5
Cargo box length (in): 48
Cargo box width (in): 50
Cargo box height (in): 11
Cargo box load capacity (lb): 800
Total rated vehicle capacity (lb): 1,20
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