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Default BV2S Helmet by Bombardier

BV2S Helmet by Bombardier

My take & Review of the BV2S Helmet, a new design by Bombardier. I like the Modular design I have but there were a few differences that looked like a good idea.

One of the first things I liked was the hinged mouth piece that swung down with a squeeze on the release. With the shield up and the mouth piece down it was almost as open as the Modular design but you had no straps and snaps to deal with. Snap it up and your ready to go. Anyone with a modular knows that the snaps and straps can be a pain in very cold weather. Another improvement is the mouth piece will adjust in and out with a turn of the front vent, no need to strap anything on. This allows a good fit without the constant pressure needed for the strap-on mouth piece of the modular, which can get uncomfortable at times. The only setback is I have to take the new helmet off to really sip my coffee.

Another problem with my modular is it leaks around the sides of face shield. Behind my tall windshield you would never know, but leaning out or riding with a short windshield you feel the cold. The new BV2S design uses a rubber gasket and an overlapping shield that when snapped down really seals up tight. I felt no leaking leaning my head out past the windshield at 50mph. The one piece sealed double lense shield works excellent! The added amber tint sun screen comes down by puling a small lever on the side of the helmet that retracts with an easy push up on the same lever. I found this very easy to use and the amber tint help brighten up the trail in hazy conditions. I like the darker screen on the modular for bright sun and the fact I could bring it part way down. The new design snaps full up or full down.

Like the modular design the breathing ventilation on the BV2S was very good. Large intake valves bring in warmer air from inside the helmet and exhaust is released out the front vent that doubles as an adjust nob. I rode 150 miles with the temp just around 0F and never had any fogging problem. I liked the comfort of the new system and it felt a bit lighter than the modular. Another feature I like is the rear red reflector and light. It makes the rider much easier to see at night with the elevated tail light. There is also a flash light option that mounts on the side to focus a small mag-lite to the front of the rider. Nice for map reading or just checking the sled over.

All in all I like the BV2S enough to buy the helmet after using one that day. It is a well designed warm helmet with the right features. This is a helmet any serious rider will appreciate.
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